Milano design week 2019

Milano design week 2019
During Milano design week 2019 DOGA (Design and Architecture Norway), Klubben (Norwegian Designers Union) and Norwegian Crafts will promote the exhibition JOIN by Norwegian Presence. The purpose of the exhibition is to increase the competitiveness of Norwegian furniture and design industry and Norwegian contemporary crafts internationally and at home.
Fjordiesta & Hydro Competition  
During Milan design week 2019 will we in cooperation with Hydro, focus on Norwegian sustainable design! The task involves designing a proposal for an aluminum furniture, possibly in combination with other materials that complement the overall values for Norwegian Presence, but with a particular focus on sustainability. One of the contributions will further be developed into a completed prototype in cooperation with us and Hydro. The selected contribution will be honored with NOK 20 000,- and a possible product launch with us.
Application deadline: 31.08.18
More information can be found at DOGA's website (text in Norwegian).

-Picture from Milan design week 2018