Åpent Bakeri
Oslo, Norway

There is nothing revolutionary with bread from Open Bakery. Maybe it's the contrary. Compared with much of today's bakery industry we have taken a step back. We use fewer and smaller machines, more human labor and long lie times of doughs we work with, resulting in improved durability, taste and color.

Endeavouring and not use additives and fat-containing products in bread products. Variations on flour, weather conditions and the baker's skill can make small differences in the final product.This form of baking is cost - and time-consuming work at all levels. However, we are left with products we are proud to sell.

Åpent Bakeri has several bakeries in Oslo, and in the bakery at Sandaker the Scandia Junior chair is used in their entire restaurant, creating a cozy atmosphere suitable for both young and old.

Products used in this project: Scandia Junior

Photo: Espen Grønli