Mjøstårnet - The Wood Hotel

The Wood Hotel

With a majestic location along the riverbank overlooking lake Mjøsa, The Wood hotel in Norway now holds the record as the tallest timber building in the world and rises 18 stories high. It is the entrepreneur Arthur Buchardts latest hotel project. The building consists of offices, a restaurant, a hotel, rentable meeting rooms and several apartments.   

This large wood building is a symbol of the new “green shift” showing that tall buildings can be built using local resources, local suppliers and sustainable wooden materials. We are proud to be part of this project delivering approx. 500 chairs from our factory located approximately one hour from the building site.  

The Wood Hotel opened in march 2019.  

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Photo: Voll Arkitekter AS/ Øystein Elgsaas
            Julianne Leikanger