What does it mean to be sustainable? At Fjordfiesta we ask ourselves that question every day. We know that overconsumption is harming the planet, and that throwaway culture is a substantial part of man-made climate change. As a small furniture factory in the heart of Dokka, we may not have the solution to the world’s biggest challenge. But we do have an idea.

Fjordfiesta wants to rent out furniture.

To increase sustainability, we want to offer chairs for both owners and renters. We imagine the destination of the furniture to be unknown, that the chairs we produce can be on an eternal passage through new homes and at new dining tables. Norwegian design classics appeal to us because they transcend the decades and the designs are so flexible that they can always follow you, no matter what or where you call “home”.

It appeals to us because these designs comes with a story – who sat in that chair before it ended up with me?

We believe that the fight against climate change has to be a joint effort between industry and consumers. We want to take care of the Norwegian design heritage, and at the same time share it with as many people as possible. Embracing circular economy and environmental sustainability is not about pledging allegiance to empty buzzwords, but about action, or in our case - renting.

Fjordfiesta are proud to make chairs of the highest standard, built using the traditional techniques from the heart of Hans Brattrud’s hometown. The love of our craft shines through every chair. We take care of our furniture and repair them if a screw comes undone. We produce furniture with longevity – that’s how we know the chairs can be sat on, time and time again, without affecting the endurance of the wood.

Do you want to have a seat at the table? Contact ragnhild@fjordfiesta.com if you would like to know more about this possibility.